#Review ~ ALPHA’S ENSLAVED BRIDE (TerraMates #4) by Lisa Lace


(TerraMates #4)
by Lisa Lace
A SciFi Alien Mail Order Bride Romance


Knowing the future isn’t a blessing. It’s a curse. Especially when you’ve seen your death.

I’m going to die in the arms of someone I have never seen before. He’s a person I will love, but I don’t know anything about him.

When TerraMates matched me with Airik, I couldn’t believe it. This sexy alien could see the future, just like me. I wasn’t alone anymore. I quickly found out he knows nothing about Earth or humans. I married him, but will I be safe with him?

I didn’t foresee I would want to feel his hands on my body.

I’ve never been able to change the future before. For us to survive, I need to.

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Alpha's Enslaved Bride (TerraMates, #4)ALPHA’S ENSLAVED BRIDE
by Lisa Lace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed ALPHA’S ENSLAVED BRIDE, the fourth book in Lisa Lace’s TerraMates series. Another incredible addition to this series of stand-alone books that features couples who are matched for marriage throught the TerraMates program. Kind of a futuristic mail-order bride program. I love that each book offers romance with the bonus of enough danger to show these couples that they really do care for one another beyond the sexual chemistry that is always strong. A captivating love story with strong well-developed lead characters from a very imaginative author!

This features Quinn as the TerraMate for Airik, who lives on a planet where many of the residents have the gift of pyschic/pre-cognition abilities. I found it fascinating and was impressed with Ms. Lace’s description of these abilities and function to better their planet’s society. Quinn, however is from earth, and on earth she has been considered a witch and hunted for the abilities she has. Her life has been in danger and has had to hide out in her father’s small apartment for years, fearing for her life if she ventured out. She applies to the TerraMates program hoping to be free to live a normal life on another planet. She is delighted when she meets Airik, her future husband and sees that he is a young and very sexy man.

Airik is a leader, director of the Pre-Cog program on his planet. Powerful and respected, but in need of a wife in order to meet his planet’s requirements for keeping his position. He allows his brother to sign him up for a wife through the TerraMates program and so knows very little about Quinn’s background when he brings her to his planet and marries her, including which planet she’s from. Despite his indifference, and Quinn’s fear of being exposed and rejected because of her abilities, these two have off the charts sexual chemistry and are happy to begin the physical side of their marriage. Luckily, because they both have pyshic abilities they soon find out how much they have in common and Quinn finds a welcome place in her new home planet.

This was another fabulous story of love, danger, and the couple saving the day or in this case, the planet. Quinn, was a strong female lead with surprising abilities and a very determined personality. Airik doesn’t know quite how to handle this woman who is bringing out emotions in him he is not comfortable feeling… it doesn’t fit with his always in control persona. What he does know is that she is sexy as hell and he isn’t ready to give her up at the end of their one year contract. He just needs to convince Quinn he really cares for her.

I listened to the audio version of Alpha’s Enslaved Bride. There is both a male and a female narrator who alternate per chapter based on the point of view for a particular chapter. I thought it worked out well and that each narrator did a great job of voicing the various characters. Overall a great story I highly recommend! 4 stars

~Complimentary copy provided by author. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.




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