#NewRelease #Review ~ AYRIE (Auxem #2) by Lisa Lace

(Auxem #2)
by Lisa Lace

(A Science Fiction Alien Romance)
Released: July 7th 2017



Welcome to my life as an Intergalactic Mail Order Bride.

Welcome to Hell.

I just traveled halfway across the galaxy to meet my new husband. With no women left on Auxem, the aliens turned to Earth for their brides. But nothing’s happened the way I imagined.

He hardly speaks to me. I know he’s never had a woman around before, but why is he acting like a complete jerk? Ayrie’s used to getting what he wants, but underneath his confident, chiseled exterior, he’s hiding a big secret. Now we’re stranded together on a remote planet.

He’s got a perfect body. I hope he knows how to use it.

AYRIE is Book 2 in the Auxem series and a STAND-ALONE, full-length science fiction romance.
There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed!!

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Ayrie --with 5 bonus stories (Auxem #2 & #1; TerraMates #3-5 & 13)AYRIE
The Auxem Series
by Lisa Lace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked Ayrie and Elle’s story. They got off to a rocky start, neither sure of their own feelings much less the other’s, and both agreeing to the match for reasons other than wanting to fall in love. Despite this, feelings of love do begin to develop between them and when they find themselves depending on each other to stay alive the love between them shines through. AYRIE is the second book in Lisa Lace’s newest series, Auxem. It’s also essentially the fifteenth book in her TerraMates series. However, this book is a stand-alone, full-length science fiction romance. There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending!  

Ayrie being the second of the five princes of Auxem it was not important for him to choose a bride from the women volunteering to come to help his planet, but there was something about Elle’s vulnerability he could not ignore. The fact that she was the sexiest and most beautiful woman he’d ever seen made her practically irresistible. Likewise, Elle didn’t want to fall in love with her husband, but Ayrie was gorgeous and she was drawn to his confidence, good looks, and hard well-built body. The fact that they both agreed to a marriage of convenience… in name only… well, it wasn’t really working out for either of them. Everyone else could see how much they cared for each other, but denial, denial, denial, lol.

As always there is action, danger, and romance between and independent earth woman and a sexy alien. This time he’s a prince! Super story! I enjoyed the narration provided by Kelly Morgan and Paul Brion. Each did a great job of illustrating each characters individual voices and personality.

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Lisa Lace is a bestselling sci-fi romance author and lives in northern California with her spouse and five children. Her stories have:

1) Good-looking aliens
2) Strong, independent Earth girls
3) Happy endings

You can find Lisa online at: lisalace.comFacebook ✽ Email at lisa@lisalace.com