About MsChris1161

Trying to live my life with gratitude instead of attitude.

MsChris1161 9.6.14

I am a lifetime reader and a new reviewer. I am a die-hard Jane Austen fan (that includes any of the “sequel” books by other authors). Beyond that I mostly enjoy reading romance books – contemporary, paranormal, science fiction or historical (fiction, non-fiction and biographies).

I’m from sunny Northern California. I am the mother of three grown children and have two sweet granddaughters and a handsome baby grandson!

My policy for reviews is simple. I am first of all a reader and secondly a reviewer. Never am I a critic. If I don’t feel I can give a book at least a 3 star rating I will not post a review for that book anywhere. I have a great deal of respect for the hard work, time, imagination, and soul an author puts into their writing. I have no desire to disparage someone’s sincere efforts in any way. I am humble enough to realize that regardless of my opinion, it’s still only my opinion. Not necessarily right or wrong, and certainly not fact. A story may not have been for my taste but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t well-written or something others would enjoy.

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