#Review ~ TAKEN: A SciFi Alien Mail Order Bride Romance (TerraMates, #2) by Lisa Lace

(TerraMates, #2)
by Lisa Lace
A SciFi Alien Mail Order Bride Romance



What happens when TerraMates runs out of applicants?

There’s never a shortage of wealthy alien bachelors looking for the thrill of mating with a human. They want our women.

But despite the promise of riches, sometimes the pool of available brides runs dry.

How does TerraMates find more girls, and where do they go?

When Lyzette gets taken off the street, she finds out.

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Taken (TerraMates, #2)TAKEN
by Lisa Lace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Audiobook Version

TAKEN, the second book in the Terramates series by Lisa Lace really captivated my interest from beginning to end. And yes, sorry. but pun intended. Taken was a clearly well-thought-out storyline with a believably built-up romance between the two main characters. There were some unexpected twists, some violence and danger, some unlikely female bonding and empowerment, and some very steamy scenes between Mikael and Lyzette… and not the type I expected. All working together to make this a very fascinating read that I enjoyed very much.

I really admired the strength portrayed in Lyzette’s personality despite her constant feelings of not being smart enough to do well or be respected. And despite her horrible mother and home life, she bravely faces the situation she finds herself in after being kidnapped off the streets and sold into slavery. Rather than whine she essentially puts her shoulders back and makes the best of the situation.

As the ruler of the planet Marka, Mikael is a very powerful and respected man. He has had many consorts. All who continue to serve his household rather than being put away or sold for someone else’s slave. He is bound in many ways by the traditions of his family and his planet. No one is more surprised than he when Lyzette, his latest choice of consort causes him to see things in a different light. No other woman has ever touched his heart the way this Earth woman has. He begins to reconsider his actions as a man and as a ruler. I enjoyed every bit of the story and was very impressed with the outcome. Fabulous ending.



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