#Review #NewRelease ~ FINDING CHRIS EVANS: THE FORTUNE TELLER EDITION: #Free Prequel by Elizabeth Bemis


(Free Prequel)
by Elizabeth Bemis
Published Sept 12th 2016

Elizabeth Danforth, or Madame Esmerelda to her clients, and Aunt Izzy to her family, has run the carnival fortune-telling circuit long enough to know sometimes, fate needs a little nudge. After tragedy struck years ago, she waited too long to ask the universe to bring love back into her life. She’s determined not to let others make the same mistake.

When her travels take her to Haralson, Minnesota, though, she’s surprised by a visit from her nephew Christopher Evans, a widowed pediatric physician. Izzy’s heart breaks when she sees the sadness Chris still carries years after his wife’s passing. Surely there’s something she can do?

Then her next client buzzes in, bright and full of joy, and Izzy hatches a plan. Ellie Mittelstadt is looking for romance, and the universe owes Izzy a favor. She intones her fateful prediction as she lifts her hands over her crystal ball…

“When you find Chris Evans, true love will follow…”

Then she sees not only her beloved nephew Chris swirling in the mist of her visions…but five others! How will Ellie find the right one?

Fortunately, fate has its own plans. With laughter, luck and a little bit of magic, true love’s now on the job of Finding Chris Evans.

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My Review:

Finding Chris Evans: The Fortune Teller Edition: a Free PrequelFinding Chris Evans: THE FORTUNE TELLER EDITION: Free Prequel
by Elizabeth Bemis
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

FINDING CHRIS EVANS: THE FORTUNE TELLER EDITION by Elizabeth Bemis is exactly what a prequel should be! It’s a quick read that gets to the point and provides the setup for the series in a fun way. And it’s free!

In this short novella Miss Bemis captured my curiosity and managed to convince me that I must-read the series! I’m looking forward to Ellie’s adventures as she looks for the love of her life AKA her Chris Evans. Aunt Izzy AKA Madame Esmeralda was spunky, clearly a hoot, and I’m hoping to get to see a little more o in the other Finding Chris Evans books. I’m just excited for this series in general. I mean, what a cool premise, right?

About the Author:


ELIZABETH BEMIS is a six-time Golden Heart® Finalist and 2012 Winner. Her first book, Love & Oreos was named a “Must Read” book of 2015 by USA Today, who said,

“Elizabeth Bemis makes her sassy, sexy, confetti-worthy debut with Love & Oreos, the first book in her Sudden Falls contemporary series. Bemis’ voice is humorous and sly, her characters realistically complicated, her storytelling engaging and silky smooth… The heart, heat, snark and energy in Love & Oreos make Bemis’ inaugural release a bright and buoyant win.”

When she’s not writing romance, she operates Bemis Promotions, an advertising agency for authors, fights for control of her house with her sons and various fur-bearing creatures. When she’s not in front of her computer she can occasionally be found running with her dog, training for the Little Miami Triathlon and the Flying Pig (half) Marathon.

You can find more about Elizabeth and her books at her Website, or you can like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, find her books on Goodreads or sign up for her newsletter.


In a small town in northern Minnesota, Ellie Mittelstadt goes to a psychic where she receives this prediction: if she finds a man named Chris Evans, true love will follow…

Only one problem: Even in the tiny town of Haralson, Minnesota, there are six Chris Evanses! SIX!

•An EMT with emergency-level sex appeal…
•A reality TV star about to get the surprise of his life…
•A firefighter who’s smokin’ hot…
•A bad-boy royal on the run…
•A smoldering rock star ready to drop the mic…
•A doctor with a heart of gold…

What follows are six delightfully romantic tales that start with Ellie meeting each new Chris Evans. But while shedoesn’t find true love (yet!), her meeting sets off a chain of events that leads the Chris Evans in each story to fall in love with a heroine all his own. Then finally, in the sixth tale, Ellie’s psychic prediction comes true in a charmingly perfect and heartwarming way. Because true love never fails!

Now’s your chance to fall in love with Chris Evans, too–six different times!





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