#Review ~ CYBORG HEAT: A Science Fiction Cyborg Romance (Burning Metal #1) by Lisa Lace

(Burning Metal #1)
by Lisa Lace

(A Science Fiction Cyborg Romance)



They’ll challenge what it means to be human and test the limits of love.

Amanda is a scientist for the military’s cyborg program. Programming and repairing once-human soldiers is a lot easier than trying to date, so she buries herself in her work. She’ll never admit that the cyborgs often seem like more than machines to her – especially the handsome AD-214.

Even though Cyborg Sector has erased his memories and turned him into a killing machine, AD-214 is aware of Amanda and her kind, gentle nature. When he starts to remember his former life, his system malfunctions, and only Amanda can save him. Then things go horribly wrong, and his squad of cyborgs – along with Amanda – become fugitives hunted by the military.

As the rogue cyborgs’ memories come flooding back, their human personalities begin to re-emerge. Amanda’s bond with AD-214 intensifies and she discovers that none of the cyborgs is merely a robot.

After she’s captured by the military, AD-214 and his squad risk everything to rescue her. He and Amanda must fight not only for their survival, but the chance to prove that love is possible, even for a machine.

Cyborg Heat is Book 1 in the Burning Metal series and a STAND-ALONE, full-length science fiction romance. There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed!


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Cyborg Heat (Burning Metal, #1)CYBORG HEAT
(Burning Metal #1)
by Lisa Lace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m really enjoying Lisa Lace’s Burning Metal series. What I found most interesting about CYBORG HEAT was the cyborg’s “awakening” as they rediscover their humanity. It’s about a group of Cyborg’s that have been held in a semi-conscious state at a testing facility for years until one of the upgrades a scientist (Amanda) installs to one of the cyborgs (AD-214) unexpectedly triggers flashbacks from his previous life as a human. When he transmits this same upgrade with the other cyborgs in his team the same result occurs, causing a maelstrom of emotions leading to confusion and ultimately a desire to be free of their captors. Ms. Lace does a fantastic job of description the various emotions these men feel as their humanity slowly comes back to them.

Amanda has been working with these cyborgs for years. AD-214 was her first project. She feels a personal responsibility for what’s happening to him and his team. As they become more human again she tries to help them and she can’t help but become even more attached. Especially to AD-214.

The community is in a panic over the escaped cyborgs. Are they dangerous? Why did they take the scientist with them? There is plenty of drama, action, and danger to go along with the romance that develops between Amanda and the cyborg’s leader. I really liked and recommend this one!

Each book in the Burning Metal series is a stand-alone story and doesn’t need to be read (or listened to in my case) in order. I actually listened to #3, then #2, and now CYBORG HEAT which is the first book in the series. The narration provided made the story more enjoyable.

~Complimentary audiobook received. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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Lisa Lace is a bestselling sci-fi romance author and lives in northern California with her spouse and five children. Her stories have:

1) Good-looking aliens
2) Strong, independent Earth girls
3) Happy endings

Lisa is currently adding books to the TerraMates series.

You can find Lisa online at: lisalace.comFacebook ✽ Email at lisa@lisalace.com