Forgiveness, Hard Limits and the Constant Theme – Reblogged Post from Selena Laurence

Amazing blog post from author, Selena Laurence, on forgiveness and our personal “hard limits”. So thoughtful and well-written I just have to share!

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There is something we talk about in romance fiction called “hard limits.” We often ask and discuss, “what are a reader’s hard limits?” In other words, what is that one thing that even in fiction you can’t stomach, don’t want to read about, won’t tolerate in any form?

For me the hard limit is pedophilia. I can’t read books or watch movies about children being sexually abused. I’ve got four children, and thank God, none of them have ever been victims, but the mere idea is so horrifying for me I just can’t go there. But, if I’m honest, I have to admit I’ve waived even that hard limit for a handful of very good works, The Lovely Bones being one example.

For a lot of romance readers the hard limit is infidelity. I’m frequently amazed by how vehement many romance readers are about the idea of a cheating lover…

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