A response to “Josh Lanyon”

Important to read, I think. Exceptionally well written response to “Josh Lanyon” from Brad Vance, a M/M writer who really is a gay man.

Brad Vance Author

[UPDATE 10:20 am 9/20: Apparently Josh has said that “women writers sometimes just…try too hard” and “much of the M/M stuff written by women doesn’t quite ring true to me.” Also, as of this time Josh’s Goodreads profile identifies Josh as Male.]

I was going to say nothing about the recent revelation that “Josh Lanyon,” M/M writer and author of guides on writing M/M, is actually a woman. But the more I think about it, especially after reading “Josh’s” blog post, the more disturbed I am. If you’re seeing this preview on Facebook, well, you’ll have to click the link because I have a fairly long chain of reasoning here.

I know that the majority of readers don’t care that “Josh” turned out to be a woman, for a number of reasons.

First, there is the valid reason, oft discussed in this genre, that…

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