Lucky 7 Bad Boys Contemporary Romance Boxed Set – Review

Get lucky with a bad boy. . . .

Whether he’s a rock star, a billionaire, or a playboy magician–whether he wears work boots or a suit and tie–bad boys have one thing in common: how good they can make a woman feel. This contemporary romance boxed set sizzles with SEVEN full-length novels by SEVEN bestselling authors, starring SEVEN unforgettable bad boys who will make you melt.

The Perfect Mix
The Perfect Mix by Charity Pineiro, New York Times Bestselling Author. Contractor Rey Ramos has good looks, brains, money, and a heart of gold. But Rey also has a deep dark secret that could scare off his new client, Bianca Martinez, the woman who has captivated him. Rey isn’t eager to share the ugly reality of his past with Bianca and it would be totally foolish to fall in love with her, but Bianca is too tough to resist. . .

MY REVIEW: This book was hot & spicy! Bianca Martinez is a chef about to open her own restaurant but it is handsome and sexy contractor Rey Ramos who has her mouth watering (and mine)! THE PERFECT MIX by Charity Pineiro was about the all-encompassing feeling of meeting The One meant just for you. The rush of the overwhelming attraction, the never felt before emotions, and the desire that follows you into your dreams at night. Bianca and Rey’s love story is strengthened by the loyalty and support of good friends and family. It’s also filled with such lavish descriptions of Bianca’s recipes it had my stomach growling, lol. This was a great story, but I don’t recommend reading it in an empty stomach.

Heart Raider (Heartthrob #1)
Heart Raider by Sophia Knightly, USA Today Bestselling Author. Stranded together during a rampaging hurricane, hot passion explodes between reclusive billionaire, Nick Cameron, and headstrong reporter, Veronique “Ronnie” Whitcomb. Ronnie is seeking Nick’s exclusive story…a story that could get her killed. Nick will risk his life – and his heart – to keep her alive. Try as he might to deny his feelings for her, keeping Ronnie at arm’s length becomes impossible.

MY REVIEW: HEART RAIDER by Sophia Knightly was an intriguing tale with several layers of deception, seduction, and plotting by devious females all out for a piece of Nick Cameron, the reclusive billionaire. Lucky for him, Veronique (Ronnie), the intrepid reporter was determined to save him. I really liked Veronique’s sassy, unfiltered personality. It kept the story going just waiting to see what she’d say next. And who could blame her for her lifelong crush on the sexy Nick. I love romances where the girl gets the guy she’s dreamed about being with all her life. Poor Nick did his best to keep his heart from falling, but Veronique proved irresistible and just what his damaged heart needed to live again. Something he realizes almost too late. The chemistry between Nick and Ronnie made the love scenes more explosive, especially the first time on the beach. This story was enjoyable and a good start to a new series.

Naughty Vegas Nights
Naughty Vegas Nights by Tawny Weber, USA Today Bestselling Author. Tired of her jinx-cursed love life, Natasha Stover figures the only way to fix it is to get naked and naughty with the guy who ruined her for all others. And Lady Luck is on her side…. A weekend in Sin City being a bad boy’s favorite toy just might be the cure Natasha’s been wishing for.

MY REVIEW: Like most things Vegas, this book was an adventure with a little bit of everything. Hot bad boy, sleezy bad guy, smart independent women just coming into their own, wild child little sister, the One that got away, betrayal, mystery, sexy lingerie, steamy sex, reunited families, and in the end dreams were coming true. All written with the light, humorous, engaging style of Tawny Weber. I really liked the plot, the pacing, the characters, and the second chance love story in NAUGHTY VEGAS NIGHTS. This was a wonderful addition to the Lucky 7 Bad Boys Contemporary Romance Boxed Set.

Warrior's Bride
Warrior’s Bride by Nina Bruhns, International Bestselling Author. Bad boy lawyer Coleton Lonetree never expected to find the love of his life at an Indian powow. But when he takes the beautiful stranger into his arms, he is determined to make her his for all time, and stakes his claim in the most elemental way. The next morning, Rini Herelius finds herself hopelessly in love with her intriguing mystery-man–and pregnant with his child. More than anything she wants to keep him and her baby, but Fate has a way of spinning things out of control…turning heated lovers to passionate enemies.

MY REVIEW: WARRIOR’S BRIDE was a fantastic read! I don’t know how to put my thoughts into words deserving of Nina Bruhns’ impressive story. She starts off with her heroine, Rini, literally bumping into the hero, the very sexy Colton, all dressed up in his regalia at a pow wow. It is love at first sight as these two connect in the deepest of ways and later has Colton staking his claim on her believing he has finally found the woman of his dreams. The next day Rini sees something that is not what it seems and runs off without explanation. Both are heartbroken, angry and feeling betrayed over this misunderstanding and with no way of finding each other.

Later Rini discovers she is carrying Colt’s child and is determined to keep her baby, but allows her sister to convince her to at least talk to an adoption lawyer about her options. While there Colton sees her, realizes her condition, and guesses her intentions. Yet another misunderstanding. Furious she would give away his child he confronts her, threatens taking the baby from her, and eventually offers her a marriage of convenience which she agrees to.

Right from the start I loved both Colton and Rini. Their attraction was intense and so sensual. Their first night together was smoldering hot and it was clear they were meant for each other. The misunderstanding the next day had me groaning over the loss. When they finally meet again in the lawyer’s office it was just as frustrating. Despite the fact they both obviously still had strong feelings for one another pride, stubbornness, tempers, and insecurities get in the way. Both Colt and Rini already had trust issues which made their situation more complicated even though the true love they felt for each other was clear to everyone around them. Bruhns does a wonderful job of allowing the reader to see both sides’ perspectives, gives us great secondary characters who both help and hinder our lovers as they try to make their relationship work, and a plot twist at the end I thought was superbly written.

Driven to Date
Driven to Date by Susan Hatler, International Bestselling Author. Jill Parnell is all work and no play until her hard-earned promotion is handed to the boss’s nephew, Ryan Shaw. Ryan is gorgeous, has the office women swooning, and his blasé work attitude drives Jill insane. To get her mind off work and Ryan, she focuses on dating–every man except the one she can’t stop thinking about.

MY REVIEW: Susan Hatler gives us another great story about a love that just can’t be denied. Jill and Ryan have a rocky road to finding love but it’s a wonderful journey and worth it in the end.

DRIVEN TO DATE is the story of Jill Parnell, an independent, focused, career-driven attorney with no quality time for a personal life. She has worked diligently for the last five years on what she believed was a partner track at her law firm. When the promotion she expected to get was given instead to an outsider her world imploded.

Just days later Jill meets Ryan at the wedding of her friends, Ethan and Kristen, where he is the Best Man. They both feel an immediate attraction between them, but Jill sees Ryan’s flirtatious lines as warning of a practiced player and heartbreaker. She doesn’t have time in her life for a boyfriend and certainly not for a broken heart so she blows him off. But then a need to prove to someone important she has a balanced life has her grabbing Ryan to be her ten minute boyfriend. He goes along, charms her, dances with her, and passionately kisses her right out on the dance floor which gets the rumors of Jill’s hot new romance flying.

Ryan Shaw is the very handsome and successful nephew of one of the partners of Jill’s firm. He went to college and law school with Jill’s friend Ethan. He is also known as the turkey who (unknowingly) stole Jill’s job as a managing attorney at her firm. Everyone at the firm knows Jill deserved that promotion, but can’t help liking Ryan. Especially when it’s apparent he’s qualified for the job.

When Jill returns to work Monday only to discover the sexy guy she kissed is none other than the rat who took her job, and her new boss, the sparks fly between them again. Jill might be furious, but Ryan is smitten and not ready to give up on his chance with Jill. He wants to change his boyfriend status to permanent and is not afraid to enlist help from her friends and coworkers.

I enjoy Ms. Hatler’s fun, realistic, and clean writing style, and reading Driven to Date did not disappoint. Jill and Ryan’s story was at times humorous and charming, yet at other times frustrating, but at all times a pleasure to read. Their story includes many beloved characters from the previous books in the Better Date Than Never series, which to me is always a bonus. It also introduced new characters I hope to learn more about in future books.

Bedding the Wrong Brother
Bedding The Wrong Brother by Virna DePaul, National Bestselling Author. After a bad breakup, Melina enlists her childhood friend Max to tutor her in the art of passion. But she’s in for a surprise when Max’s twin brother Rhys steps up to the challenge…. Both sultry and sweet, this story is rated HHH (“Heat, Heart & HEA”) and involves a bed mix-up, hot identical twins, sex lessons, naughty word games, light restraint, a shy sex bomb who’s afraid she’s boring and a playboy hero determined to prove she’s got everything he’ll ever need.

MY REVIEW: Virna’s story was sweet and romantic, but also so much fun! I just loved how Melina went after what she wanted, and for that matter Rhys too! Friends to lovers stories are among my favorites and this one had my full attention right from the first.

Melina Parker grew up as close friends and neighbors of the gorgeous and sexy Dalton twins, but there was a huge difference in how she felt about them. Max became her best friend and confidant, whereas Rhys, he was her secret crush. Rhys and Max are the sons of magicians and moved away to become a part of that life, but have kept in touch with Melina when possible. More so Max than Rhys, and when she hits a rough spot in her love life it’s Max she turns too. But Max knows Melina’s secret and believes Rhys feels the same way, so he plays matchmaker. He does a twin switcheroo on Melina and doesn’t tell Rhys the true circumstances, letting him believe it was him Melina wanted “lessons” from all along. Rhys was happy to oblige, because Max was right, Rhys has always wanted Melina too.

I liked this story a lot. The characters and storyline were all well-done and kept my interest from start to finish.

Crazy In Love
Crazy in Love by Kristin Miller, National Bestselling Author. Historical inn owner Rachael McCoy has one simple rule: Don’t date guests. Too bad rock star playboy Cole Turner has come into town and is determined to change her mind. After botching his last performance, Cole’s looking for peace and quiet to regain focus, but finds so much more in the shy, but sexy innkeeper.

MY REVIEW: This one had me fully engaged in the story/characters right from the first chapter. LOVED this story!! Kristin Miller’s CRAZY IN LOVE is about Rachael, a kind, beautiful, nurturing small town innkeeper who steals the heart of Hollywood sexy as sin, rock-n-roll bad boy and die-hard bachelor, Cole Turner.

Cole comes to Blue Lake to do a couple concerts and sneak in a little relaxation after an exhausting tour. He rents out Rachael’s entire Inn to make sure he gets the break he needs. The last thing he’s expecting is to find his innkeeper completely irresistible. He doesn’t know what to think of the fact that she so effortlessly sees to his every comfort while resisting his charms. Women usually fall at his feet, but Rachael forces him to up his game. Rachael in the mean time has learned her lesson and no longer gets involved with guests. They always eventually leave and take a little piece of her heart with them. Cole is the hottest, most sensual man she’s ever met and he sparks a desire in her like she’s never known before, but she fights him all the way to protect her heart. End result? Well of course they fall Crazy in Love!!!

Add to your Goodreads shelf!

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