Serendipity (Inevitable #1) by Janet Nissenson – Review


Was meeting again an unfortunate twist of fate? Or was it just serendipity?

Julia McKinnon was convinced she’d found the one – the man of her dreams, the most seductive, experienced lover she’d ever known – and the night they’d spent together in New York was the stuff erotic fantasies were spun from. But with the dawn of a new day came only heartache and betrayal, and her dreams were snuffed out like so much fairy dust.

Nathan Atwood felt like the lowest sort of life form after seducing the incredibly beautiful girl he met in New York, only to break her tender heart with the confession that he was already involved with someone else. Leaving Julia was the hardest thing he’d ever done, and the memory of their passionate night together haunted his dreams for months afterwards.

Now fate has brought them together again, and they are forced to work alongside each other. Will Julia be able to put aside the feelings she still has for her handsome boss and forge a new life for herself in San Francisco? And how long will Nathan be able to resist the gorgeous woman he’s never really stopped thinking about or wanting?


SERENDIPTY by Janet Nissenson was wonderful to read. A very thought out (so descriptive that it almost felt visual) journey to love taken by her two leads, Nathan and Julia. JN gives her readers the full picture, the ups and downs, the thoughts, the struggles, the guilt, the love, and definitely the lust. The sexual times between Nathan and Julia were intensely hot, very descriptive and erotic. Nathan can talk dirty with the best of them and ooh la la was it panty-dropping sexy!

Her characters, all of them, were well-developed and multi-faceted, with individual personalities so defined you’ll think you’ve actually met them. For instance, Cameron, Nathan’s fiancée was as Travis says, an evil b***h in many ways, but yet you were also shown her insecure, desperate and vulnerable sides. Nathan himself was sexy as hell, loyal and loving to his family, and did his very best to be honorable to a woman who has given him two years of her life even though he didn’t love her, wasn’t the one to ask her to marry, and became engaged for very weak reasons. And yeah, he was a cheat. And at times a real jerk. But he was also walloped over the head with a love at first sight, that only grew no matter how desperately he fought it. It’s noted numerous times that Julia is a stunning, jaw-dropping beauty who turns the heads of every man who sees her. That she has style, grace, elegance, and embodies nearly every man’s ideal for a wet dream. But she is also kind, talented in her field, thoughtful of others, and able to ignore the reactions she gets from men rather than use them to her advantage. She falls hard for Nathan when she meets him in New York and is devastated when he tells her he has not been honest with her about his situation and that he is, in fact, recently engaged.

This is not a simple story told with a short span of time. It reaches over more than a year as the undeniable feelings Nathan and Julia have for one another develop despite their best efforts to fight them. It is not a simple story of lust that was given into. It is a complex story of soul-mates who find each other not only once, but twice in a serendipitous way. What’s simple to see is that they were meant to be together. What’s delightful to read is this story of how they get there. It kept me turning the pages, a bit aroused, and completely captivated from start to finish. I rate this book with five stars and can’t wait to read the next installment in this series. I’m hoping it will be Julia’s twin sister Lauren’s or maybe Ian Gregson’s. It’s always great to see a confirmed playboy bachelor fall hard!

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