For the Love of Pete by Elizabeth Adams – Review

For the Love of Pete

Sometimes the line between love and hate gets real blurry.

Pete Henson was loathe to admit that the bridesmaid from his baby brother’s wedding party didn’t seem so mousy when she was fired up. Like when she tried to ignore the desire he created in her just by running a finger down her spine or her frustration at him when his leg brushed hers. It was those hints of wanting which had her dominating his thoughts for weeks after she made it clear he was the last thing she needed or wanted in her life.

Riana Fallon knew that a commitment-phobe like Pete Henson didn’t fit with her idea of relationship material. But there was no denying the heat he created in her just by turning his hard eyes her way. Could she risk her heart by giving her body exactly what it craved for? Could she stand to be around a man who aggravated her to the point of abhorrence long enough to fulfill her want of his body? There was only one way to find out.


I picked FOR THE LOVE OF PETE up for free on Amazon thinking it would be a quick, fun, cute read with a little snark and banter on the side. I’m happy to say I was totally right. Elizabeth Adams brought it!

The main characters, Pete (the commitment phobic bachelor) and Riana (the woman he can’t resist) are perfectly matched. As Pete’s brother, Jonah says to him, (not realizing he’s having a near death experience) she’s beautiful, has a hot body, and an intelligence that can hold its own. Who would be stupid enough to pass up that? And Pete’s no fool. He’s not about to let his brother try to make a move on the woman he can’t get out of his head.

This short story was a treat. Sweet, yet comical and witty. Riana’s friend, Sally was a bit annoying, but added well to the mix of characters that kept the story interesting. FTLOP has an HEA complete with an epilogue which earns bonus points in my book. And the last couple of paragraphs were pure gold.

This book was a pleasant surprise I rate with 4.5 stars. I enjoyed Ms. Adams writing style so much I’m headed over to check out her back list. I’m hoping to find Logan and ….

Add to your Goodreads shelf!

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