Unexpectedly Yours (A Forever Love Story #2) by Jeannie Moon – Review

Unexpectantly Yours

It was a win-win arrangement…until Caroline lost her heart…

Caroline Rossi needs to reinvent her life. Being a geotechnical engineer hasn’t exactly proved to be a guy magnet. She’s never really had the opportunity to let her hair down and have fun. But when a chance encounter with her big sister’s brother-in-law—millionaire Josh Campbell—leads to a night of unexpected passion, Caroline starts engineering an arrangement that will give them both what they want. She can help Josh with an important real estate project and he can school her in the art of amour.

At first Josh balks—but there’s something irresistible about Caroline, something very different from the bombshells he usually dates. Can the friends with benefits agreement really work? Or are Caroline and Josh playing a dangerous game that may end in heartbreak?


Jeannie Moon has written another beautiful and deeply romantic Forever Love Story. UNEXPECTLY YOURS is the fabulously well-written tale of Caroline Rossi, who was always considered the smart one (well she is a geotechnical engineer) when compared to her sister Meg, the pretty one. Despite the fact Caroline is now 27 years old and has an excellent job, her family can only see her as the baby of the family. They refuse to take her personal dreams serious or let her live her own life. This same treatment is somewhat repeated at work, where as one of three female engineers out of sixty she is not taken seriously. Even worse her boss has been passing her over on some of the plum jobs ever since she refused his inappropriate advances.

The story starts off with Caroline in a Manhattan bar with a work friend who is trying to push her into drinks and dinner with their creepy boss. Josh Campbell, Jason’s older brother, just happens to be in that same bar and notices Caroline in need of a way out. He comes to her rescue by claiming her for dinner plans with him. Caroline is happy to be out of the uncomfortable situation and thrilled to be noticed by Josh after all this time because she has had a crush on him since she was twelve living on his family’s estate. They plan an innocent night of pizza and watching a movie back at his apartment, but soon are caught up in a sparking sexual chemistry. Josh is surprised how irresistible “Little Rossi” has grown up to be. He has been fine with his lifestyle of no-strings-attached flings, but with Caroline it feels different, he feels an emotional attachment and that scares him to death. Still even though he tries to be good, he finds it impossible. He tells himself as long as it’s just once it will all be fine.

Caroline has no such qualms. Josh is the man she has always wanted and realizes this may be her one and only chance so she goes for it. She has a surprise for Josh, which when discovered makes him even more determined it’s best to keep her at a distance. Caroline is only more certain he is the only man for her and she suggests since they will have continued contact through work anyways (she is helping him with a real estate project) they may as well pursue a friends with benefits relationship knowing he’s too freaked out for anything else. At first Josh turns that idea down flat, but when he can’t get her out of his head he relents.

So what started off as an accidental meeting soon becomes something neither can resist and they find themselves spending more and more time together. Her family interferes, his family interferes, her boss tries to interfere, but all this only serves to unite them even more. Josh was wonderful and I liked him so much in his role as the hero. I mean, this millionaire is a gorgeous, powerful, sexy, strong, loving, gentle, funny, protective and with the way he believed in and supported Caroline? How could I not fall for him too? Caroline definitely had her insecurities, and is naïve in some ways, but when she made up her mind about something she was a fighter. I loved her spunky personality and enjoyed reading about her battle for respect and independence. The two of them were perfect together making every page of this book a pleasure to read. I loved this one and just know you will too!

~Complimentary copy provided in exchange for a honest review

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