#NewRelease #Review ~ BLACKBURN CASTLE (Tortured Souls Series #2) by R.C. Matthews

Blackburn Castle
(Tortured Souls Series #2)
by R.C. Matthews

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Available: April 10th 2017

Blackburn Castle is a 270 page gothic paranormal romance set in 1881 England and Scotland. It is book 2 in the Tortured Souls series, but can be read as a stand-alone.


Victor Blackburn is living on borrowed time. An ancient curse violently claims the life of each Blackburn male on his twenty-seventh birthday. As his approaches, his only hope of survival is a witch who vanished long ago without a trace.

Mercy Seymour eagerly counts down the days until the curse will claim Victor’s life. She watched him murder her mother, and only his death will free her of the hatred and anger she harbors.

When fate throws them together in Devil’s Cove, desire simmers between the handsome pirate and the spirited barkeeper’s niece until they learn the truth about each other. Desperate for her cooperation, Victor spirits her away to Blackburn Castle in the Scottish Highlands, where forces of magic and mists from beyond the grave weaken her resolve, opening her eyes to the truth of the past.

As Victor and Mercy unearth the fabled stones needed to break the curse, they discover that the only weapon powerful enough to destroy hate is love. But will they have to sacrifice their relationship to save what means the most to them?


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Blackburn Castle (Tortured Souls, #2)BLACKBURN CASTLE
by R.C. Matthews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Incredible story! So, so, SO good! My first from R.C. Matthews. I love it when a new-to-me author blows me away. Wonderful characters, well-crafted storyline, great dialogue, steady pacing, just enough plot twists to keep me guessing… all-in-all a terrific read and I haven’t even read the first in the series yet!

The sexy pirate, Victor Blackburn, is almost the age when all the first-born son’s of his family die… ever since Elizabeth Thorne cursed them as punishment for his ancestor, Ambrose Blackburn, betrayal of her. He’s desperate to find the one woman, a descendant of Elizabeth, who can save him.

Mercy Seymour is that woman. Unfortunately for Victor, she hates him. But time is running out. Can Victor convince Mercy to forgive him of the past and help him live to see the future by breaking the curse that’s been between their families for generations?

Mercy may have hated Victor Blackburn all her life, but without realizing who he is, she finds the sexy pirate’s charms are irresistible. Likewise without knowing she’s the very woman he’s been searching for, Victor is completely enamored with the tavern keeper’s niece. These two are written with undeniable chemistry, but they fight it and each other for much of the story… which only makes the book so much more interesting! I hated having to put it down.

~Downloaded a complimentary copy from NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.



I was born and raised by deaf parents in the Metro-Detroit area along with four siblings. Growing up in a house full of children, there was never a dull moment! We all inherited the reading gene from our father, who is a voracious reader. And the reading gene continues strong in my own two sons. I’m happily married (second time is a charm) to a patient and loving man who always cheers me on from the side-line to pursue my dreams. What more can a girl want?

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