BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (Forever Love #6) by Jeannie Moon

(Forever Love #6)
by Jeannie Moon
Published November 17th 2015


Leah Bayard doesn’t have time for a relationship. She’s an up and coming securities attorney with one thing on her mind: her career. But when she meets Tristan Ward, the gorgeous new British CFO for her brother’s tech startup, Reliance Software, Leah decides she might have a little time in her schedule for a friends-with-benefits relationship. No strings attached, of course.

As things heat up between them, Leah gets a career changing ultimatum from her boss. He’s had it out for Tristan for years, and now he wants Leah to get inside information to help out a friend who’s investigating Reliance’s IPO. If she doesn’t help, Leah can say goodbye to not only her job, but her reputation. Now, she has to make a decision that will change the course of her life: hold on to the first real relationship she’s ever had with a man she’s come to love, or give all that up to pursue the career of her dreams.


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My Review:
Jeannie Moon’s Forever Love series is one of my all-time favorites and the sixth book, BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, was just as wonderful as the first five. Leah Bayard, a career focused New York attorney working hard at making partner finds the new CFO at Reliance, her brother’s company completely irresistible. Nate’s fiery, red-headed sister has a soft heart that’s been broken once already, so she hides behind her quick temper and hard shell. Falling in love isn’t part of her plans, so she does her best to keep Tristan in the friend zone despite their mutual attraction and off the charts chemistry.

Tristan Wade finds himself unable to walk away from Leah. A problem he’s never had before. She is under his skin and changing everything about the way he saw his future, because now he can’t see it without Leah at his side. The hard part is earning her trust and convincing her he’s ready to settle down, but he pulls out all the stops to win over the Love of his life.

Leah and Tristan’s romance is a great addition to the Forever Love series and I’m hoping there will be at least one more featuring Amy Bayard. 4 stars

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About Jeannie Moon:

Jeannie Moon

JEANNIE MOON is a school librarian who loves that she has a job which allows her to immerse herself in good books and call it work. A native Long Islander, Jeannie still lives there with her family and a couple of well-behaved dogs and an equally misbehaving cat.

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