Redemption (Soul #1) by C. J. Barry – Review


Reya Sinclair is a Redeemer of Souls. Her mission is to give Earth’s most depraved sinners a shot at redemption just before they are slated to die. Her own redemption is on the line as she fulfills her duties, leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake. It’s all going perfectly well until one detective takes notice, possibly bringing her salvation to a halt.

Thane Driscoll is a good cop who’s seen too many bad guys get away, including the man who murdered his father. He exacts his own style of justice, even if it costs him his humanity. A string of mysterious deaths leads him to a woman who’s not quite human and might hold the key to finding his father’s killer.

When death and shadows descend, New York City becomes a battleground for the forces of light and dark. As the body count rises and sparks fly between them, Reya and Thane race to uncover a terrible truth. Can one man hell-bent on revenge and one woman determined to save her eternal soul be enough to keep the planet from spiraling into darkness?


OMG! I really, really LOVED this book! I just have to say, AMAZING STUFF CJ! I was completely enthralled in the world she created, the characters, the mystery, the suspense, and, of course, the romance. CJ Barry is a new author to me and she has certainly got my attention. Even though this story included paranormal and futuristic/fantasy elements (forgive me if I am miscategorizing) once I was caught up in the world Reya and Thane were dealing with (which was right away, lol) it still just felt so real to me. The characters actions, reactions, and dialogue were just so well written and believable it felt like I could have been right in the middle of it. Reya and Thane’s love story unfolds in such a natural way considering the troubles, dangers and times they are dealing with that even though their time together was fairly short their love didn’t feel rushed. Another aspect I thoroughly enjoyed about REDEMPTION is Ms. Barry’s take on heaven/hell/afterlife/reincarnation/light vs. darkness was enough to feel all her own (or the story’s that is) yet not all that far-fetched. In a perfect world, as they say. It added a wonderful depth to her storyline. I know I am leaving out details, but most are included in the blurb and anything more would just take away from the experience of the reader. Which for me was so wonderful I am really hoping this is not the last I see of this world by CJ Barry.

~Complimentary copy received via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review

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