Congratulations to Michael Sam by Brad Vance!

Brad Vance Author

GTCTwo It takes a lot of courage to announce you’re gay right before going into a business that’s ripe with homophobia .  Here’s an excerpt from “ Given the Circumstances ” when Roger comes out to his dad and they discuss what it means to his potential NFL career.   MINOR SPOILER ALERT to set the scene – this is just after Roger’s high school team has played their first game since the death of Roger’s friend and first crush, the previous quarterback:

After the team’s celebratory pizza and soda, Jacob took Roger home.  As they walked in the door, Jacob asked his son into the study.

He poured him a very small glass of the Laphroaig, enough for the ritual of his son’s first drink with his dad.

They clinked glasses, two gentlemen in their wing chairs.  “Congratulations, son.”

“Thanks, Dad.”  Roger wasn’t and wouldn’t be a drinker, and hated the…

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