#Review ~ CLAIMED BY THE ALIEN WARLORD (TerraMates #14) by Lisa Lace

(TerraMates #14)
by Lisa Lace

(A Science Fiction Alien Romance)



When the Makroid invade a planet intent on seizing a priceless mineral and taking over the galaxy, ex-military acquirer Axl is charged with finding the only thing that can stop them – the legendary pillar of Galzen. Little does he know his quest will have him tangling with intergalactic explorer Christine Blackwood.

Christine trades artifacts from every planet she visits. She loves her freedom, but her aunt wants to see her settle down with a family. Without Christine’s knowledge, her aunt signs her up for TerraMates.

When Christine finds a mysterious relic in an alien junkyard, she entangles her future with Axl and the Urwanian war. TerraMates puts them together, and he thinks she is his soulmate. Together, they must defeat the Makroid and restore peace to the galaxy – if they can stop fighting each other.

Claimed by the Alien Warlord is Book 14 in the TerraMates series and a STAND-ALONE, full-length science fiction romance. There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed!


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Claimed by the Alien Warlord (TerraMates, #14)CLAIMED BY THE ALIEN WARLORD
(TerraMates #14)
by Lisa Lace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In CLAIMED BY THE ALIEN WARLORD Axl is an ex-military and leads an acquirer team called Maxim with the best reputation in the galaxy for finding relics and artifacts for a hefty price. He is summoned by the Urwanian leaders to find the legendary pillar of Galzen. A relic most believe to be only a legend. In his search for the pillar he comes across a beautiful woman from Earth while in the Temple acquiring information about the pillar. He mistakenly lets her go, dismissing her as not much more than a tourist.

Little does the warrior know Christine Blackwood is herself an intergalactic explorer. Christine trades artifacts from every planet she visits. She loves her freedom, much to her aunt’s dismay, and is quite good at it. A woman who holds her own in fighting those who would take what is hers, or simply try to take advantage of a woman on her own. She lives her life and takes her lovers with no excuses to anyone, so when Axl’s quest has him tangling with her once again he can’t help but admire her. If only she’d cooperate…

This story was wonderful to read (or listen to as it were). Lisa’s books are always filled with adventure, new worlds to explore, action, danger, suspense, hot aliens, romance and very steamy sexy times! They also have women who have taken initiative to go after what they want, but Christine is even tougher and more independent than most of the female leads. I loved that about her! 4 stars

The narration was done from alternating points of view by both a man and a woman which greatly add to my enjoyment of the audiobook.

~Complimentary audiobook received through Audible. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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Lisa Lace is a bestselling sci-fi romance author and lives in northern California with her spouse and five children. Her stories have:

1) Good-looking aliens
2) Strong, independent Earth girls
3) Happy endings

Lisa is currently adding books to the TerraMates series.

You can find Lisa online at: lisalace.comFacebook ✽ Email at lisa@lisalace.com




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