#Review #NewRelease ~ FAKING FOR HER by Kira Blakely

by Kira Blakely
May 15th 2017



I needed a girlfriend, so I bought one.

Well, I tried, but Shawna’s not the compliant type.

She’s sassy, full of spice, and everything nice.

Not to mention an ass any man would die for.

But, in Vegas, anything is possible.

Because in this town, I’m a boss.

Unfortunately, a company I’ve been trying to buy won’t give me the time of day because they don’t TRUST ME. For fuck’s sake!

I need a girlfriend to show I’m steady and trustworthy.

Shawna is the perfect candidate and one of the only waitresses at my casino who hasn’t slept with me.

And she’s just been evicted from her apartment because of her stalker ex-boyfriend.

Perfect timing!

She needs my money and protection. I need her soft body in my arms.

Shawna, will you be my… fake girlfriend?

Kira Blakely writes about hot alphas that love their beautiful women. Happy ending are always guaranteed!



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My Review:

by Kira Blakely
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Gage and Shawna were hot together and their arguments? Funny and clearly foreplay. Shawna was smart, sassy, and didn’t put up with anything from anyone. Loved her character!! Gage was charming and sexy, but had some serious trust issues to work through. Great story. Well-developed characters, witty dialogue, very steamy sex scenes, a little danger thrown in, and then a happy ending. Practically perfect.

One small criticism about the cover. Gage is described as looking like a Nordic god with hair and eyelashes so blonde they’re practically white. The guy on the cover is hot, but isn’t how Gage is described.

*I read this bonus story added at the end of Kira’s book, Untamed and titled Hot in Vegas.

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About the Author:

KIRA BLAKELY is an avid reader of all types of books from romance to self-development. Kira loves to write about average girls meeting insanely hot men. Bad boys, rich boys, Military, sports, or even the occasional shape shifter. Her favorite pastime is snuggling up on the couch with her favorite kitty and her boyfriend and binge watching Netflix. Show of the week – Suites.

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