#Review ~ Water World Warrior: A SciFi Alien Mail Order Bride Romance (TerraMates, #1) by Lisa Lace

(TerraMates, #1)
by Lisa Lace
Water World Warrior:
A SciFi Alien Mail Order Bride Romance


Why would I want to be married to an alien?

I should not have applied to TerraMates. The idea was crazy. I’m a young woman, in the prime of my life.

But I was desperate.

When I landed on another world, his appearance intrigued me. He dripped sexuality and moved like an animal. We have three days together before he sets sail without me. Am I going to escape or submit to my desires?

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Water World Warriors (TerraMates, #1)WATER WORLD WARRIOR by Lisa Lace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Audiobook Version

I really enjoyed WATER WORLD WARRIOR by Lisa Lace and am so glad I took a chance on a new-to-me author. What I love most about science fiction / futuristic romances is that the imagination can run wild. Love is love… but the different environments, character descriptions, societal rules and expectations have a little more liberty and are so much fun to read! Ms Lace offers plenty of details and world building, but not so much as to slow down the pace or dilute the romance in Water World Warrior.

Ashlynn and Nathaniel were both in desperate situations and both turned to TerraMates, a matchmaking service, for a way out. However, to each of their surprise they find unexpected love. Talk about taking online dating to the extreme! But they were very well suited, both with a scientific mind and an adventurous spirit. Nat, for instance, is a bit of a Robin Hood in the guise of a pirate, stealing food meant for the needy from supply ships that are supposed to be delivering it, to make sure those food supplies actually make it to those it is meant for. Ms. Lace tells their story with humor, excitement, a bit of danger, and some very steamy scenes. I listened to the audio version, which utilizes two narrators alternating as the story is being told from both Ashlynn and Nat’s point of view. I will definitely be checking out other books in this series!



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