#Review ~ ILLEGAL MOTION, a Boys of Fall Novel by Erin Nicholas #NewRelease

A Boys of Fall Novel
by Erin Nicholas
Releases October 1st 2015


Carter Shaw isn’t a man anyone would mistake for a good guy. He’s has always been intense, up for anything and fearless —on the football field, when wearing his badge and in the bedroom.

But pleasure is never mixed up with love. His unstable upbringing was more than enough to scare him off commitments for good.

Until he meets Lacey Andrews.

A true do-gooder, heart and soul, Lacey is the only woman to ever make Carter wish he was a better man.

It’s probably a good thing his best friend fell in love with her first.

Even when Garrett is shot and dies in the line of duty, Carter knows he can’t give her everything she wants and needs. Until she shows up on his doorstep in nothing but a trench coat and pink lingerie. Now there may be a few things he can offer…

Losing her fiancé has only proven how short life is and Lacey doesn’t want to miss another moment of happiness. Carter might have turned down the chance at the long term threesome she and Garrett wanted, but she knows he hasn’t forgotten the deep friendship or the one hot night the three of them shared. Carter is the only one who can make her feel alive again. And while her heart will always hold Garrett’s memory, Lacey is ready to prove Carter will never have to share her…even with the ghost of another.

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My Review:

ILLEGAL MOTION is Erin Nicholas’s second book in the hot and sexy multi-author Boys of Fall series set in the small town of Quinn, Texas. Illegal Motion is the story of Carter Shaw, now a cop in Quinn, but once of member of Coach Nicholas Carr’s famous football team and Lacey Andrews, the one woman he can’t forget. These two were once the best of friends and Lacey wanted more, but Carter just doesn’t believe it’s in his DNA to be committed to only one woman. He doesn’t believe he’s good enough for Lacey no matter how much he feels for her.

I loved Illegal Motion’s intensity! Things have changed since Carter first walked away and Lacey is determined to regain the love she lost. I was so wrapped up in the story I could not turn the pages fast enough. I loved both of these characters and wanted to see them together in the worst way. That Carter was so stubborn! Along with the emotional story line there were plenty of laughs, great dialogue, hot and spicy sexy times, and wonderful characters to keep things flowing. I particularly liked the scene where a downtrodden Carter gets drunk with his old friend, Oakley. Hilarious! Then Carter the next morning has an epiphany, “Tequila was not his friend.” I was rolling. Illegal Motion was an excellent read and a entertaining addition to the Boys of Fall series. 4 stars.

~Complimentary copy received in exchange for a honest review~

Illegal Motion is a part of the Boys of Fall series
written by Erin Nicholas, Mari Carr and Cari Quinn.
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Excerpt from Illegal Motion:

Carter stopped walking. “Ken has her at knifepoint? He’s got Bridgett at knifepoint?” Carter started jogging now.
“Not Bridgett. She called it in. He’s got the perp at knifepoint.”
“The perp is a woman?”
He wasn’t sexist. He really wasn’t. But the chances of a break-in in Quinn were a thousand to one, and the chance of it being a woman doing the breaking in were easily a million to one.
“She’s a woman. And Ken’s not letting her go. At this point, I’m more worried about her than them.”
Carter slid behind the wheel of his truck. “Is she armed?”
“No. She has…cheesecake,” Linda said.
Carter paused at that. “Cheesecake?”
“Chocolate apparently.”
Damn, he loved chocolate cheesecake. “What the hell?”
“I don’t know. That’s what Bridgett told me. She’s also pissed because the woman is wearing a trench coat over lingerie and high heels. I think Ken might be the one in danger in between the two women.”
“Ken’s cheating?” Carter asked. He let up on the gas a bit as he pulled out onto the gravel road. This didn’t sound quite as ominous, suddenly.
Ken was forty-eight and balding, but he was a nice guy. As president of the bank, he had some money. He and Bridgett had been married for probably twenty-some years by now. In Carter’s experience, that meant that Ken had definitely cheated. More than once.
But there was no way was he going to knife his mistress.
“If he is, his girlfriend is going to be pissed,” Linda said. “Maybe she showed up when Bridgett was supposed to be gone or something, but now Ken’s got her on the other end of a butcher knife and claims to have never seen her before.”
Carter was glad the people at the reception hadn’t heard all of these details. There would have been a crowd on the street in front of the house in ten minutes.
“Do you still have Bridgett on the line?” he asked, turning onto Maple Street.
“Tell her to have Ken stand down. I’m here.”
“You got it.”
Two minutes later, he pulled up in front of the house.
He approached the front door, taking in the scene around him quickly.
There was no sign of forced entry. Which, with cheesecake in hand, would have been difficult anyway, Carter thought dryly.
But that meant she had a key, or someone had let her in.
Provided she’d come through the front.
Once he had the knife out of Ken’s hand and figured out who the hell this woman was, he could worry about how she’d gotten in the house.
“Ken?” Carter called as he opened the unlocked front door. “Bridgett?”
“In the dining room!” Bridgett answered.
Carter headed in that direction. As he stepped through the doorway, he found about what he’d expected. Bridgett was standing behind Ken, her arms crossed, looking pissed off. Ken had the other woman backed into the corner and was still holding the damned butcher knife, but at least it was at his side rather than at anyone’s throat. All Carter could see of the other woman were her shoes—black, four-inch heels— her ankles and the hem of the trench coat Linda had mentioned.
There was also chocolate cheesecake all over the floor.
Which was, frankly, a travesty.
“Knife on the table, Ken,” Carter said firmly. “Let’s get this worked out.”
Ken turned and tossed the knife on the dining room table. “Fine. But I want to make a statement.”
“Not until I do,” Bridgett said.
“Everyone gets to make a statement,” Carter said, pulling out his notebook. He leaned to look around Ken at the other woman, but she scooted to the side as he did, hiding behind Ken’s taller and wider frame.
Carter frowned. “Everyone will make a statement,” he repeated. “I assume this was some kind of misunderstanding?”
“I understand perfectly,” Bridgett said.
“No, you don’t,” Ken told her. “She isn’t here for me.”
“Was anything taken? Any damage done?” Carter asked, stepping to the side to try to get a look at the woman behind Ken. But she moved again. “Besides the cheesecake, of course,” Carter said, trying to lighten the moment.
“Oh, I’d say there’s some damage done,” Bridgett said, her voice cold. “As in the ruin of a twenty-four-year marriage.”
Carter winced.
“Jesus Christ!” Ken bellowed. “She isn’t here for me!”
“Then why the hell is she in my house in next to nothing with cheesecake, Ken?” Bridgett yelled back. “I was supposed to be at the wedding reception tonight and you were ‘working late’.” Bridgett made air quotes with her fingers. “I’m sure she just walked into the wrong house.”
“I have never seen this woman before in my life!” Ken told her. “She told you that she got the wrong house.”
Okay, that was enough.
“Ken, can you step over here please?” Carter asked.
Ken stomped to Carter’s side.
“This isn’t what it looks like. And I wasn’t going to hurt her. I was protecting my home and family. I didn’t know she wasn’t armed and there was no way I was touching her to pat her down for weapons. Not dressed like that. Bridgett would have cut my balls off. And you can’t arrest me for the knife,” Ken told him.
But Carter barely heard him.
Because Ken might not know the woman in the trench coat.
But Carter did.
She sighed and met his eyes. “Hi, Carter.”
How in the hell…
It was the wedding. Had to be. Like a spell had been cast over everything around him, making him nostalgic and soft and stupid. And fucking everything up.
Carter just stared.
But wedding spell or not, Lacey Andrews was definitely standing in front of him. In a trench coat. With his favorite dessert at her feet.



Erin Nicholas is the author of sexy contemporary romances. Her stories have been described as toe-curling, enchanting, steamy and fun. She loves to write about reluctant heroes, imperfect heroines and happily ever afters. She lives in the Midwest with her husband who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books, her kids who will never read the sex scenes in her books, and family and friends who say they’re shocked by the sex scenes in her books (yeah, right!).


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