I’m looking for editorial work! Amazon income down at least 50%…

Looking for a great editor??

Brad Vance Author

money-bagsYeah, I’m one of the lucky ones, my income only plummeted 50% yesterday. It’s not looking good. So yes, if you are looking for an editor, copy editor, story consultant, manuscript evaluator, ebook formatter, I’m for hire as of now.  BradVanceErotica@gmail.com. I can’t wring my hands and wait for the axe to fall, and if yesterday was any indication, I’m looking at >$1000 in borrow income this month…

Someone’s got to be winning under this new system, but I haven’t spoken to anybody who’s winning so far. We’ve figured out compensation is 1/2 a penny per page.  Amazon told us in that typically mist-clouded oracular way.

“As measured using KENPC, during the month of June, KU and KOLL customers read nearly 1.9 billion Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENPs) of KDP Select books.”

So, they put $10.8 million in the fund for May / 1.9 billion pages = that’s 0.0057894736842105. If you figure…

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