FIX YOU – BASH AND OLIVIA BOOK TWO (The McDaniels Brothers #2) by Christine Bell – Review

Everything she believed in was a lie…

After facing the fact that her boyfriend was an abusive sociopath and their entire relationship was a sham, Olivia Beckett is trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. If she was the only one suffering for her mistakes, she might be able to handle it. But when she went down, she dragged the one person she never wanted to see hurt down with her…

Bash McDaniels was just weeks away from finally blowing out of his hometown to make it as a boxer and never coming back. Saving Olivia Beckett from her violent boyfriend should’ve been a speed bump at most, but love stopped him in his tracks. Now, instead viewing Boston in his rearview mirror, he’s viewing it through prison bars…

Bash was her savior when she needed him most. Now, Olivia has to find a way to repay the favor, knowing all the while that freeing him might mean losing him forever…

*Note from the author: This is a novella length serial that takes place over the course of three books approximately 25,000 words each, released a month apart or less. The final book will be out on (or before) May 20th. This book is new adult, and contains scenes that are sexual in nature.


FIX YOU: Bash and Olivia by Christine Bell continues with the second novella in the McDaniels Brothers series. Sebastian “Bash” McDaniels and Olivia Beckett have found love but their lives are in turmoil in the aftermath of Andy, Olivia’s wealthy, sociopathic ex-boyfriend’s revenge for Olivia walking away from him.

Ms. Bell continues to write these two characters with a magnetic attraction and so much sexual chemistry between them it’s palpable and draws you to every word. With the odds, and seemingly everyone they care about against them, they still can’t stay away from each other. The gorgeous, sexy, hard-working, Bash is still trying to keep his eye on the prize, getting into his first big-time bout. Olivia is trying to finish up her college semester, while fretting over both her part in Bash’s troubles and what has happened to her father’s fortune.

I also love the family dynamic Ms. Bell brings to this series. The McDaniel brothers have only had each other to count on for so long and are clearly ready to lay down their lives for one another. Matt, even with how much he blames Olivia for Bash’s being arrested, goes to great lengths to free his brother. Bash in turn, goes to equally great lengths to free his brother from the obligation he incurs. I am really enjoying the drama, the suspense, the romance, and the rawness of this well-written story by Christine Bell. Looking forward to third novella and seeing Bash and Olivia get their HEA! 4 stars

~Complimentary copy received in exchange for an honest review.

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