The Wedding Secret (A Forever Love Story #3) by Jeannie Moon – Review

The Wedding Secret 5.20.14

Millionaire baseball player Kevin Rossi is quite a catch…

Harper Poole’s Harvard MBA and killer instincts have made her a high-powered assistant at a software firm that generates billions. No one would ever guess she’s been keeping a secret: that she isn’t the trust fund baby everyone thinks she is, but was really raised in a trailer park in western Pennsylvania. Harper has a great life and has everything she wants—except love. But a one-night stand at a wedding with the bride’s brother can help take a girl’s mind off anything.

Kevin Rossi is a superstar major league catcher who can have any woman he wants. So when Harper discovers she’s pregnant after their one night of passion, she has no intention of making any demands on him. It will just be another secret to keep. But when the two meet again a year later, Harper wrestles with her choice—especially when her heart longs for the father of her baby…


I was so excited when I discovered Jeannie Moon’s third book in her Forever Love Story series would be about the elusive and enigmatic, Harper Poole. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and am happy to say THE WEDDING SECRET does not disappoint! I loved this story and could not put it down until it was done.

Harper is a complex woman and a fascinating character. We know from The Temporary Wife and Unexpectedly Yours she is an extremely independent, intelligent, take charge woman who solves problems and never shows a vulnerable side. She is also very loyal to the people she likes and trusts. In The Wedding Secret we learn about her background, which displays just how strong and capable she is, and we see her as a mother, which proves she has a softer side and a huge capacity for love. She is not perfect, but she owns her choices and stands by her reasoning. She also makes amends and humbly accepts the fallout when her secrets come out. I loved Harper’s character!!

Kevin Rossi, professional baseball catcher and older brother to Meg and Caroline, has been living the life of a player both on and off the field with no intention of settling down and starting a family. He and Harper have a very hot, but secret affair that started at his sister Caroline’s wedding and ends when he tells Harper he’s signed a contract to play for a team on the other side of the country. Harper, having no desire to trap him with an unexpected and unplanned family, decides not to tell him she’s pregnant with his child and let’s him go.

The story really takes off when Kevin comes back to New York with hopes of starting back up with Harper. It seems he fell hard for her and even a year away was not enough to get over her. Harper also fell hard for Kevin and was devastated when he chose to leave, so she isn’t ready to trust him with her heart a second time. Despite the insane chemistry between these two – and now a baby girl – pride, stubbornness, hurt feelings, confusion, and a myriad of other emotions and events keep them apart. The Rossi sisters and their husbands, the Campbell brothers do their best to interfere as well. Plus the drama that is Harper’s own family that she has been able to keep at a distance and a secret all this time, has arrived at her front door, adding to the mix. None of it makes working out their feelings for one another pleasant or easy for either of them, but it does make for an incredibly engaging story. Ms. Moon masterfully takes us through the ups and downs, showing the great depth in the very real and justified feelings of everyone involved, especially once all of Harper’s secrets start to come out. This story deals with some serious issues, but is also laced with plenty of humor and none too few sexy scenes because despite their situation, Kevin and Harper are crazy about each other and can’t keep their hands to themselves. In the end it was all worth it to see Harper get a well-deserved HEA. Overall a fantastic read and I am hoping not the last book in this wonderful series. 4.5 stars.

~Complimentary copy provided via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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