A Twist of Date (Better Date Than Never #5) by Susan Hatler – Review

A Twist of Date

Better Date than Never, Book #5

Melanie Porter has been dumped—again. When others accuse her of “being in love with being in love,” she agrees to let her best friend, Patti, step in and direct her dating life.

The Boyfriend Bylaws-

Rule #1: No giving out your phone number until approved to do so.
Rule #2: Must obtain permission to accept any date invitation.
Rule #3: No bringing up marriage, kids or the future.
Rule #4: No going to first base without authorization.
Amended Rule #4: No going to first base, or any other base, without authorization.
Rule #5: No scribbling your first name with some guy’s last name. Ever.
Rule #6: New rules may be added as Patti Hartley deems necessary.
Memorize it, live by it, and happy dating!


A TWIST OF DATE (#5): I really enjoyed reading a Twist of Date. It’s a lovely balance of humor, romance, realism, friendship, family issues, and love. The main characters have worked together at a gym for awhile as good friends. Matt has deeper feelings for Melanie but can’t get her to take him serious. Melanie is too busy looking for love in all the wrong places to give Matt a chance. But after too many bad choices her best friend and roommate, Patti, convinces Mel to live by a set of “boyfriend bylaws” for dating designed to force Melanie into thinking before dating. This book was funny (the closet scene is hilarious), heartwarming, and ends with more than one kind of HEA for sweet Melanie. 4.5 stars

Better Date Than Never #1-6 Boxed Set

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