Breaking Through the Waves (Hawaiian Crush #2) by E. L. Todd – Review

Breaking Through the Waves

Sydney and Coen are ready to take the next step of their relationship. She knows she has to reveal her heartbreaking past to him. While some of it has been revealed, there is still more to the story. Will he stand by her side and help her through the ordeal, or will he turn his back, leaving her to deal with her issues?


BREAKING THROUGH THE WAVES by E.L. Todd was every bit as wonderful as I’d hoped it would be. The sequel to Connected by the Sea tells us more of Coen and Sydney’s love story. In CbtS they found their happiness with each other and fell in love. Breaking Through the Waves is about the life they are making together and the strength of their mutual love.

As in CbtS, Coen is my favorite character. The perfect devoted, kind, unselfish, protective, voraciously sexy and deliciously sexual alpha male lover we all wish were telling us we were the love of his life, his seahorse. At least, I know I want a man like him (just a little more age appropriate, though). He sees his whole future with Sydney and realizes early on he doesn’t want to spend another day without her by his side. I also admire the maturity he shows in dealing with Sydney’s best friend Henry, who is obviously still in love with her. And with how he realizes how necessary it is for Sydney to face her fears regarding her family herself if she is to ever truly get past them, when all he really wants to do is protect her and handle it all himself.

Sydney is still struggling a bit with insecurity and self-worth issues brought on by her devastating upbringing, especially when her poor excuse for a family shows up. She wavers a little, but the strong woman she has become shines through in the end. I loved the Audrey (Coen’s ex) story line, because Sydney consistently showed the true lady she has become by handling Audrey with elegance, class and compassion when everyone else just wanted to beat her down.

All in all this story was a testament of the kind of true, deep, enduring, abiding love where you just can’t get enough of each other (sexually and otherwise) because you know you’ve found your soulmate and you know will be life long, that Coen and Sydney were lucky enough to find while still young. Just like seahorses. sigh

~I received an ARC of this eBook free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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