BREAKING TO BREATHE (Charistown #3) by Lisa N. Paul – Release Day Blitz & Review

Breaking To Breathe Cover
Author: Lisa N. Paul
Series: Charistown #3
Publication date: July 10th 2014
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Two people so bent they can no longer stand tall…

With his sexy looks, his seductive dirty talk, and his resident bad boy reputation,
Kyle Marx was the thrill-ride every woman wanted to experience…at least once.
And once is all he’d ever offer.
Suffocating in his own personal hell, Kyle thought sex, booze, and drugs could numb the pain of his past
Until an angel challenged him to fight…to feel
After living through a childhood that left her vulnerable and exposed, Cate Lockton mastered the art of blending in instead of standing out. She locked herself away to prevent more damage to her already fractured heart. She never imagined a man with a past more broken than her own would crash into her world and force her to let him in.
Their lives first collided on a stormy night.
But Danny’s on Main is where they finally connected. A neighborhood bar where strangers become friends, friends become family and some become lovers, and where the strong learn that while you can bend to exist, sometimes you’ve gotta
Break… so you can Breathe.


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I just have to say “Wow”! BREAKING TO BREATHE, the third book in Lisa N. Paul’s Charistown series exceeded my expectations and completely blew me away! Lisa’s writing just keeps getting better with her stories about the family of friends who work together at Danny’s on Main. Breaking to Breathe delves into what has made the gorgeous, sex-personified, yet so very damaged bartender Kyle Marx become the man every woman wants in her bed even if it can only be for one night. It begins with the night he almost died and the “Angel” who saved him, Cate Lockton. This story can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone, but I strongly encourage you not to miss out on the brilliance of the first two stories in this series, Thursday Nights (Max and Janie’s story) and Storm Front (Ryan and Ashley’s story).

Right from the beginning when Cate comes upon the car accident and holds Kyle in her arms begging him to fight to live as they wait for the ambulance I was hooked. It was such a touching scene and their immediate connection unmistakable. Cate and Kyle have similar backgrounds, both have parents who don’t deserve the title, never loved them and treated them despicably, so it’s no wonder they connected in such a profound way.

Cate and Kyle are also similar in that they don’t date, they only do one night, and they have rules that are deal-breakers for the encounters they do allow themselves. All to protect their vulnerable hearts by avoiding any possible emotional fallout. However all that changes for both of them when they finally meet again months after that fateful night that neither could forget and that changed something inside them forever. If ever there was a story about souls recognizing their soul-mate, this is it. Sure the sex is steamy, I mean it’s Kyle we’re talking about and the man has mad skills in the bedroom, but it’s more than the physical chemistry that explodes when they are together. These two “get” each other in way no one else might ever understand and that knowledge creates a sense of a safe place for each of them which draws them together even in their dreams.

Breaking to Breathe had me completely absorbed in believing for a much deserved happy ending for Kyle and Cate. Watching it play out as these two danced around their fears, insecurities and emotions they had no idea how to deal with was enthralling. Lisa’s writing is just so good! I had tears streaming down my face when learning about the heart wrenching life these two suffered as children. In other scenes I was laughing out loud at the way they all teased and joked around with each other. I could feel the warmth, unconditional love and support displayed by their friends. Cate’s best friend Elliot was a wonderful addition and I hope to see more of her in future books. It was also great to get to know Kyle’s younger brother, Nixon. Best of all, it was fabulous meeting back up with the group from Danny’s on Main. The humor, the witty banter, and the close friendship they all share adds so much to this well-written story. I know I’m repeating myself, but Breaking to Breathe blew me away with how great it was! You do not want to miss this one!! 5 stars

~Complimentary copy provided in exchange for a honest review.



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