MORE THAN FRIENDS: Chloe and Skye (The Friend Zone #2) by Tabetha Thompson – Review

More Than Friends

Chloe’s newfound love for Skye grows more and more every day. Never before has she been so enamored by someone. Could that be a bad thing for her though? With all thoughts of Skye and still recovering from her recent attack, Chloe is distracted. Her recently acquired tunnel vision only allows her to see Skye and she misses all the details of the things going on outside her hospital room.

Skye’s love for Chloe becomes stronger every day and so does his instinct to protect her. With Todd still on the loose, the roses that keep appearing on Chloe’s apartment door, Tom’s odd behavior and Sarah missing, Skye is determined more than ever to never leave Chloe’s side. Will Skye’s determination to protect her from Todd, her friends, and even herself be their undoing?

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MORE THAN FRIENDS, the second novella in Tabetha Thompson’s The Friend Zone series picks up with Chloe hospitalized after Todd’s attack. Skye is heartbroken he was not able to keep her from danger and has not left the hospital once. He is by her side as much as the hospital will allow. If I hadn’t already fallen for him in the first book, his pure sweetness and love for Chloe in MTF clenched the deal.

MTF is more intense than the first novella, dealing straight on with the serious issues of domestic violence and drug addiction. There are so many twists and surprises as Chloe and Skye’s friends try to get to the bottom of the attack and other mysteries. The strong bonds of true friendship and the devastation of betrayal by a trusted friend along with the other surprises in the story plot kept me riveted and reading this one straight through way past my bedtime. Ms. Thompson handles it all brilliantly and by using varying POV’s writes a well-rounded story very personalized as to what is going through each characters head. Skye is an absolute angel in his love and devotion to Chloe. Sara is an amazing friend to Chloe. Another new bright spot is Sally, Chloe’s nurse in ICU. LOVED her!! Wise, caring and goes out of her way for Chloe, Skye, Sara and their friends.

I don’t want to include spoilers and ruin the pleasure of other readers but I will say that in the midst of all the danger, heartache, and betrayal Skye and Chloe’s love shines through. This book was gripping, yet well-balanced by their love story and honest caring for one another making More Than Friends a true pleasure to read despite it’s dark content. 4.5 stars

~Complimentary copy provided in exchange for a honest review.

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More Than Friends

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